Blockout Transfer

  • mirrored
  • cotton
  • Pantone Solid U HKS K
  • paper - warm peel
    foil - hot peel
  • 40 °C
  • from 1 work day
  • 1 year
Blockout Transfer
Blockout transfers can be used everywhere where there is a need to prevent the penetration of the colours from the textile into the heat transfer. These transfers, too, are printed with the aid of Wilflex inks utilizing screen printing. Furthermore, a special ink blocking possible chemical reaction with the medium is added to the last layer and merged with glue. This method is very effective; however, due to constant development of new materials, testing on a sample is necessary before transfers are applied on all garments. Blockout layer is used to protect the transfer from harsh chemicals released from the fabric. Our Plastisol inks are opaque.


  • Format 1: 23 x 33 cm
  • Format 2: 28 x 41 cm
  • Format 3: 33 x 48 cm
  • Quantity: Minimum order 10 sheets
  • Number of colours: 1-10 colours
  • Colour tones: PANTONE U / HKS K
  • Production time: As short as one work day
Data Requirements

Data Requirements

  • Attach data in vectors (PDF/X-, CDR, AI, or EPS)
  • JPG or GIF are considered previews
  • Add a preview to each ordered item
  • Artworks including white colour have to be placed on coloured background
  • Knock-out invisible parts of graphics
  • We need colour codes in Pantone Solid Uncoated, HKS codes are also acceptable
  • Neon colours 801 – 807 need a special white backing, these are two colour prints
  • We cannot guarantee continuity of lines and objects under 0.7 mm due to technology


Ironing Guide
UK Price List
International Price List
Complaint info

Complaint info

  • Have you tried variety of settings? Sometimes it solves the issue.
  • Contact our experts. They have valuable tips.
  • Please state the number of the order in question.
  • Let us know what happened.
  • Send us an e-mail with a photo of the problem.
  • Mail us back the faulty transfers.
  • Based on all information we will try to reach mutual agreement.

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